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Freescale Freedom development platform ========== **When Freedom meet CooCox, we get a whole platform of Cortex M development for Arduino™ lovers and Developers!** The [Freescale]( Freedom development boards are small, low-power, cost-effective evaluation and development platforms perfect for quick application prototyping and demonstration of Kinetis MCU families and Freescale sensors. These evaluation boards offers an easy-to-use mass-storage device mode flash programmer, a virtual serial port and classic programming and run-control capabilities. - Low–cost (<$20 USD MSRP) - Designed in an industry-standard compact form factor - Easy access to the MCU I/O pins - Integrated open-standard serial and debug interface (OpenSDA) - Compatible with a rich-set of third-party expansion boards It's easy to get started. Simply choose your preferred Freescale Freedom development board, select compatible software, connect with the community, and go. You can even add features and functionality to your designs with additional open-source boards that are also form-factor compatible with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout. Look for the Jump Start Your Design section on our tool summary pages for more information. **The Freedom Development Boards supported by CooCox** ![KL05Z](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Freescale/FRDM-KL05Z.jpg) FRDM-KL05Z ![KL25Z](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Freescale/FRDM-KL25Z_BDTN.jpg) FRDM-KL25Z **Features:** * Kinetis L Series MCUs * Expansion IO form factor accepts peripherals designed for **Arduino™compatible hardware** * Sophisticated OpenSDA debug interface* Capacitive touch “slider,” MMA8451Q accelerometer, tri-color LED * Easy access to MCU I/O* Supported by CoIDE and CoFlash * CoX Library supported * Mass storage device flash programming interface (default) – no tool installation required to evaluate demo apps [Learn more]( | [Buy from element14]( What has CooCox Done? ------------- CooCox have developed a series of tools for this **Arduino™ form-factor compatible hardware**, you can: * Build and debug Freescale's KLx series in CoIDE. * Program and debug Freescale's KLx series using CoLinkEx and OpenSDA. * CoX Library: CoX Peripheral Library for Freescale's KLx seriesmake a easy read & use library for Freescale. * CoX Driver: CoX driver code can be used on Freescale's KLx series (with CoX Library). * Arduino™ Shields: CooCox will develop series of Shields-driver and design some Shields for ARM Cortex M chips. ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Freescale/FRDM_vs_CooCox1.PNG) Reusable Arduino™ Code Resources ------------- CooCox has ported Arduino™ SDK based on CoX interface, so that all Arduino™ drivers code and applications in Arduino™ programming language can be used in CoIDE. Over 300 Arduino™ driver components have been ported to CooCox code sharing platform. CooCox team has accomplished CoX library for FSL Kinetis L, which means you can use all the resources from Arduino community with FRDM-KL boards. ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Freescale/ArduinoSDK.png) Support Arduino™ Shields ------------- Here we list some hotest Arduino™ Shield: **Arduino™ shield** | **Driver link** | **State** | **Product page** :-----------:|-----------------|:-----------:|----------------- ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image013.png) | [DFRobot LCD Shield]( | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image015.png) | [Adafruit Motor Shield]( | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image017.png) | [Sensor_Shield]( | Done | [ ]( ![Graphic LCD4884 Shield For Arduino™](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image019.jpg) | [LCD4884 Shield]( | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image021.jpg) | [DM163 Matrix Shield]( | Done | []( ![Arduino™ GPS shield v1.1](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image023.jpg) | [EB-365 GPS Shield]( | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image025.jpg) | Arduino™ GPRS Shield | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image027.jpg) | [Arduino™ WiFi Shield]( | Done | []( ![](/wiki/images/markdown/assets/images/Embedded_Pi/STM32_Standalone_Mode_clip_image029.jpg) | [Arduino™ Motor Shield]( | Done | []( CooCox Tools for FRDM boards: **Tools** | **Description** | **Current Version** ---------------|--------------------------|:----------------------------: [CooCox CoIDE](CooCox_CoIDE.htm) | A free embedded IDE which includes a project manager, editor, build tools, debugger and also a communication platform for developers to share their code and views. | V1.7.7 [CooCox CoOS](CoOS.htm) | A free and open embedded RTOS whose minimum system kernel is only 974Bytes. | V1.1.6 [CooCox CoLinkEx](CoLinkEx.htm) | A free and open hardware debugging adapter which supports both SW and JTAG debugging. | [CoMDKPlugin:](CoLinkGuide/CoMDKPlugin.html) V1.4.2 [CooCox CoFlash](CoFlash_Programmer.htm) | A free stand-alone Cortex M0 Flash Programming software. | V1.4.8 [CoX Library](Cox.html) | The code library for Freescale KLx series |V1.0 Reference information ---- ###Freedom Introduction### - [Freescale Homepage][l1] - [Freescale KLx series][l2] - [Freedom Boards][l3] - [Buy from Element14][l6] ###Study Arduino™### - [Arduino™]( - [Arduino™ Shields]( ###Documents:### - [How to use OpenSDA in CoIDE and CoFlash][l4] - [Getting started with the FRDM-KL25Z/KL05Z and CoIDE][l5] ###Communication & Code Sharing:### - [CooCox Tech Support Forum][l10] - [Existing Code][l12] - [Download CoX Library for KLx][l7] [l1]: [l2]: [l3]: [l4]: [l5]: [l6]: [l7]: [l10]: [l12]:

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