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CoIDE is a free integrated development environment focusing on ARM Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4 based microcontrollers.It is a trimmed version of Eclipse + GCC (GCC-ARM-Embedded) tool chain dedicatedly for embedded development, allowing users experience both high efficiency and minimalism in an individual IDE. With a powerful code component sharing and collaborative cloud platform Git integrated, over 800 code components are within easy reach, allowing users to implement programs simply by stacking up building blocks.

  • Completely free
  • CooCox is committed to providing users with permanently free software tools, with no code size limit, no function limit, and no basic / pro edition.

  • Customized and simplified for users to
    get started quickly
  • The complex functions are simplified and the functions that are fairly used are hidden to lower the learning cost to nearly 0.

  • Component-oriented development method,
    get most out of the reusable code
  • CooCox extracts reusable code into components, which, like files, can be stored, distributed and deposited on a remote server, and imported into CoIDE with one mouse-click.

  • Over 800 free and open code components
  • The components can be imported to your project with one mouse-click, and the dependency relationship will be automatically saved, so that applications can be built rapidly

  • Git-based component sharing & collaborative cloud platform for friction-less collaboration
  • You can manage your components via Git, deposit them on CooCox server; keep them public or private, and give different authorities to your team members.

Quick Start Video

The video shows how to get started with the CoIDE Dev version, including how to download a device and a component, how to create a project, and how to program and debug, etc.

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